Twin County Wrestling League

Jr. Laker Wrestling participates in the Twin County Wrestling League. TC is a league consisting of 51 teams from Bergen, Hudson, Morris and Passaic County, NJ.


Twin County wrestling scrimmages are normally held on Saturdays. Scrimmages are usually between 2-3 hours and your child will normally have one match but can have more than one. BTML wrestlers will compete with other wrestlers from 2-3 other towns. No team score is kept but will make every attempt to get each wrestler at least one match. Wrestlers are paired up based on size, age, experience and skill level using computer software designed to do just this. The purpose of these scrimmages is provide competition for each child that is appropriate to his/her skill level.


Who can participate in the TC scrimmages?

All of the BTML wrestlers can participate.  It is very important that you tell us prior to Tuesday of each week if your child will not be particpating.  We will assume that all wrestlers are participating unless we are told otherwise.

How are the Twin County scrimmages run and what should I expect?

These scrimmages are designed to match your wrestler up with another wrestler who is close to the same age, experience and ability. Our goal is to get each wrestler at least one match and sometimes more than one. As you could imagine trying to get 100-110 matches in a three hour period involves a great deal of effort on the coaches, parents and wrestlers.