Skin Policy

Skin Policy and Hygiene

Wrestling is a contact sport. It is not uncommon that wrestlers eventually experience a skin disorder of some kind. This can be spread from athlete to athlete or from equipment that is not sanitized. We will do our part by making sure wrestling mats are clean. The mats we practice on are cleaned before they are used. You can also help prevent this problem by following the steps below...
Keeping Wrestlers Safe from Skin Infections

  • Check skin daily for breaks and abnormalities
  • Make sure all wounds are reported, examined, cleaned, and appropriately treated
  • Have the school doctor, trainer, and coach evaluate any skin lesion or infection
  • The athlete must have the proper form filled out that clears him of any contagious diseases before he may weigh in for the event or participate in any wrestling activity
  • Wash hands regularly during the school day and before each practice session
  • Shower with soap immediately after each practice and event
  • Avoid abrasive uniforms and any wrestling gear which may cause skin sores
  • Never share equipment and uniforms
  • Never share a shaving razor
  • Keep uniforms clean
  • Place workout clothes in a plastic bag separate from other clothes and wash separate from other clothes
  • Wear full length pants and long sleeve shirts, especially during practice sessions
  • Keep nails trimmed
  • Never share towels or soap
  • If a skin sore is present, dry the infected area last with a towel to avoid spreading the infection to uninfected areas

If we notice that a wrestler has a skin lesion, rash, or other disorder, that wrestler will NOT be permitted to wrestle again until released to wrestle by a physician.
If you notice any skin rashes or lesions, please seek medical attention and also notify the coaching staff immediately.